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Welcome to Linux Veda! We are a Linux security company which helps small businesses design, install, run and maintain Linux-based computer networks. We're the guys to call whenever you want to build a network, expand its functionality, or if something doesn't work as expected.

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Critical CPU vulnerability forces Linux users to slow down computers

Being a computer security team, we are used to patching the various Linux distros by applying numerous software patches. And the great news is that these updates are often times made available only a few days after the vulnerability is announced. It's what we have come to expect over the years, because several huge enterprises support the Linux operating system, investing generous amounts of money in it.

But now, we are facing a much more serious vulnerability, and it's one that can't be successfully patched through a software update. In fact, the available updates can fix some of the problems, but they will cause more trouble. Here's what has happened...

How to keep your cloud data secure

Small businesses tend to keep their data backups locally, and this is always a good decision. But that strategy won't take care of all the problems. What happens if a fire breaks out, or if a thief breaks in and steals your computers? There are several good reasons why you should also keep a copy of your data in the cloud.

Fortunately, several companies offer cloud-based backup services, and most of them have reasonable prices - even for small business owners! However, most of these services don't provide end-to-end data encryption, and this poses a serious security risk...

Pigs can fly! And Microsoft is a fan of Linux

Yes, I get it, pigs can't fly! At least not without using one of these drones! But let's be honest and admit that few of us would have thought that Microsoft is going to do something of similar proportions, supporting the Linux operating system...

How has this happened, and how is Microsoft's authentic support for Linux demonstrated? Read on and I promise that you will get the answers to these questions.

Several former Microsoft CEOs have considered Linux to be their top enemy, the plague, and so on. But Satya Nadella, the Microsoft leader who has made the software giant...

Red Hat Linux DHCP client vulnerability

Felix Wilhelm, a member of Google's security team, has recently discovered a critical vulnerability in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux DHCP client. Since several other Linux distributions include the affected Network Manager integration script by default (Fedora, for example) the problem is very serious, and the affected distros should be patched as quickly as possible.

The vulnerability can be tracked as CVE–2018–1111 and is one that can easily be exploited by attackers, who may be able to get root access on the targeted computers, and then either execute commands remotely or run various scripts...

Understanding Linux passwords

Each Linux user account utilizes a password. It's a basic security mechanism which allows people to get access to their computers. And it's quite logical to have all the information that is associated with user accounts stored in some sort of the database.

It is true that the very existence of this database would pose a very serious security risk, once that the information inside it has gotten into the wrong hands. Some people may argue and say that the risk isn't that big, since the information inside the database can be encrypted.

Nothing could be further away from truth, though. An attacker could get access to...

Wi-Fi security issues

Most businesses couldn't run or wouldn't thrive without using various Internet services. We recommend creating and using wired networks for business whenever it is possible. And we've got a serious reason for this; a Data Alliance study revealed that over 20% of people who have brought their wireless devices to work have exposed the company data later on, by connecting to public hotspots. Still, we understand that there are special situations when a Wi-Fi network may be necessary, because your company needs to utilize lots of wireless devices.

Wi-Fi utilizes radio signals which are encoded using one of the 802.11 standards. Signals are sent and received by wireless antennas which operate using the 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency spectrums. However, the very fact that Wi-Fi networks use radio waves makes them vulnerable to attacks from third parties.

Recent industry stats

Retail and technology companies are hackers' preferred targets.

Almost 50% of cyber attacks target small businesses.

Over four million data records are lost due to hacker attacks each day.