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Our top services

We keep your network private

We block unwanted access to your network, preventing unauthorized personnel from making changes to it. We can also lock the key system files, protecting them against modifications.

We keep malware of all sorts at bay

We shield mixed networks against malware that has the potential to affect any combination of operating systems – Linux and Windows, for example.

We clean up your servers and endpoints

We install antivirus applications that will scan and clean your email servers, file servers, web servers, PCs, laptops and mobile devices.

We give your system admins the tools they need

We set up powerful security suites which utilize several scanning engines to monitor and block suspicious files and unusual computer activity. The system admins will receive notifications whenever their input is needed.

We stop cyber attacks

We utilize advanced hardware-based firewalls to stop unsafe traffic requests, thus keeping your network safe. We can also deploy the newest software patches on all the servers remotely, if needed.